Tools of our Forefathers

In an age when work is largely mechanized and virtual, many specific tools have lost their meaning and value. There is an abundance of rare and forgotten tools which traditional artisans and crafts people use in their trade work.

A “Skilled worker”, “Craftsman” and “artisan”, these are all terms with meanings that overlap. They all describe people with specialized training in specific skills needed for a certain line of work. 

Many traditional artisans such as Potters, Blacksmiths and Woodworkers rely on specific tools to carry out their work. Though, to a modern, technology driven audience, these tools have lost their status and importance

Inspired by Walker Evan's photo essay Beauties of the Common Tool, a selection of tools have been photographed in the studio. Out of context and in clear display for the audience to appreciate the simplicity and shape of the tools for what they are. 

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