Naoko's Kitchen

Naoko is a Japanese food artist and chef. Born in Tokyo, her love of food and cooking has always been there since an early age. Tokyo is a place of global cuisine and food. This has meant that Naoko was able to absorb broad artistic tastes for many years, "I started my own cooking classes in my home kitchen in Tokyo from 2012."

Below, are some of the dishes Naoko makes.

Spicy Vegetable Noodles.

Salted Rice and Malt Marinated Chicken (Tori Ham).

"I developed new home style recipes and shared my passion to people"

Hassun, a smalldish. This includes, Simmered pork, Pickled vegetables, Tofu, Broccoli warm salad.

A rain drop jelly desert

Art has always been a huge part of Naoko's life.

For more on Naoko's cooking:

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